Stainless Steel Benches Perth

A high-quality benchtop is critical to a high-performance workflow. A Class Fabrication builds premium stainless steel benches that can be found in kitchens, workshops, hotels and food trucks all around Perth.

When your kitchen is operating at maximum capacity, you need a convenient bench system. If you don’t have an optimal working space for you and your staff, you’ll struggle to build a successful business. There’s a reason commercial kitchens utilise stainless steel benches. It’s the central point, where your creations come to life. It should effortlessly serve as the foundation of your work. 

A Class Fabrication designs durable stainless steel benches in Perth that will transform the way you use your space. We understand your business is unique, and we strive to be flexible with our bespoke craft – which is why we can create the perfect bench to suit your needs. 

We can custom make your stainless steel bench to fit any type of angled wall or rounded corner. Need a larger sink, or additional racks? When extra space is a priority, whether it’s for knives, tools, utensils or ingredients, we offer solutions to add to your storage needs. For smaller kitchens, under-shelves are invaluable for extra discrete space without adding clutter. If you need to move your stainless steel bench, we can add convenient casters for easy manoeuvrability. 

It’s easy to keep your benches pristine and hygienic, as cleaning stainless steel is a breeze – including splash-backs. Stainless steel splash-backs can save your walls from stains and damage. Want to prevent liquid spillage? We can manufacture our stainless steel benches with wet edges, to save you cleaning up a mess. 

Our stainless steel benches are constructed in Perth with commercial-grade steel to suit all styles and budgets. We only use steel strong enough to withstand the intense requirements of a kitchen or workshop, built to last for decades without repair or replacement. They’re rust-resistant, heat-resistant, and vermin-proof. 

Plus, they look great. Nothing beats the appeal and lustre of a well-polished stainless steel bench – no painting necessary. 

A quality bench is an investment. For superior craftsmanship and unparalleled build quality, talk to the expert team at A Class Fabrication, and see our attention to detail first-hand. 

If instead, you’re looking to fit out an entire commercial kitchen, you’ve come to the right place. We also provide industry-grade facilities for licensed service providers.